Bambu Filament order

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Howdy gang,

Been bitten by the 3D printing bug and don’t want to abuse the space’s PLA supply so am considering getting a spool or two of basic PLA from Bambu ( - there’s a 25% discount after 4 spools (£25.99 - £19.49) so let me know if anyone else is looking to order .

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I’d get a spool

I’m good on PLA but could use a spool of red ASA.

I’d grab a spool please

Cool, @Oddstag I think we have to get 4 of the same type to get the discount but can still jump on for free postage

That would be swell, much appreciated!

Happy to throw in for a spool of black. I’ve used a bit in the past so it’s high time I pay it forwards, plus I want to print one small thing soon too. Happy to bank transfer or whatnot and leave it in your hands to order.

Thanks team, so looking like:

@dhdrysdale 1 x spool PLA (pink probably)
@vkon 1 x spool PLA (blue-grey)
@Leah_Dennis 1x spool PLA (grey)
@NamTaf 1 x spool PLA (black)
@Oddstag 1 x spool ASA (red)

Can you please let me know what colour you’re looking at?
I’m also assuming PLA will be the basic PLA


Grey please!

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Blue grey (10602), please

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Cheers mate. PLA Basic is fine by me. Black (10101) is the one I was thinking of.

Alternatively, if someone else (or you) really needs +1 colour I’m happy to go with whatever as this is really just me paying it forward as a donation. I’ll use a bit of black, but I’m sure there’s already some black somewhere in the space.

yeah black is what I tend to keep stocked with the monthly orders so there is normally a spool about.

In that case, is there a flexible filament that might be useful for those clips I was trying to print? What’d you recommend? I’m happy to shift to that in lieu of another random black if we’re stocked up enough.

The only flexible they currently stock is a lot pricier:

Otherwise something like a roll of ASA would be a nice addition. Really good temp resistance and good for outdoor use.

otherwise if you need to make PLA numbers up for the order, pick a fun colour someone will use it. Orange/green as its Halloween coming up?

Unless I’m missing something it looks like the 25% reduction of 4+ spools was a limited time thing so there’s no rush or specific requirement, at this point we’re just saving on the postage (unless people would rather hold off until the offer returns)

Ah bugger. If there’s no deal then there’s no rush for me. I’ll chat a bit more to Sam before picking a filament to confirm it’s suitable for my purposes. I’m happy to bow out so you can get the order in and everyone can get the filament they need.

Thank you for organising!

Hi everyone, just a heads up that I paused this order until there’s another sale - I noticed Bambu now have a membership plan that does a good discount on monthly orders but looks like membership is linked to the historic purchase of a Bambu printer, @scday94 do you know if this is something we take advantage of?

I missed this… looks like we already have a discount already for 6mos!

If you’ve purchased a Bambu Lab printer from our official web store, your account will automatically qualify for a complimentary 6-month membership . You can begin benefiting from discounts right after you purchase a printer . Excluding purchases made through quotation, Ticktok and Amazon.


Send me the final order list and I can price it up… with 5 spools we will be at £18 each and no shipping… refills are even cheaper

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If it’s not too late, given the reduced membership prices, I’d like to get two spools as well if possible:

  • PETG Basic, Filament with spool, Black (£19.99)
  • PETG Basic, Refill, Gray (£16.99)


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