Bambu Filament order

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Thanks Andy, let’s get this sorted - is everyone happy with the below? @NamTaf looks like black is out of stock

@dhdrysdale 1 x spool PLA (purple)
@vkon 1 x spool PLA (blue-grey)
@Leah_Dennis 1x spool PLA (grey)
:exclamation: @NamTaf 1 x spool PLA (black) - this is out of stock, is there another colour you’re happy with?
@Oddstag 1 x spool ASA (red)
@chris_slms 1 x PETG Basic, Filament with spool, Black (£19.99)
@chris_slms 1 x PETG Basic, Refill, Gray (£16.99)


Can confirm happiness.

All good, thanks!

Looks like this so far without @NamTaf

Just double check your item…

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All good :slightly_smiling_face:

No discount on the ASA unfortunately…

The black TPU is also out of stock unfortunately. If the order isn’t yet placed, I’m happy to cover a white TPU (50100) so I can do some experimenting with it to learn and donate the rest to the space.

Not sure it’ll do exactly what I’m hoping but there’s only one way to find out!

Edit: also not bothered if there’s no discount on TPU

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There’s discount only on PLA Basic, PLA Matte, PETG Basic and ABS. And only if we order 2+ spools.

I’ll actually increase my order to include 1 x white ASA and 1 x black ASA as well in addition to the red I’ve already jotted down. Feel free to lock me in with those three spools and let me know where to send the cash.

Ok cool, does this look right?

No discount on ASA or TPU unfortunately…

Anyone else want to get in?

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Last minute but yes, please may I have one of the PLA basic blue grey (10602) with spool? There’s already one on the order for someone else. No worries at all if I’ve missed the boat…

Not too late - added:

Anyone else…


Last call…

Thanks for sorting out @asander1! Please let us know where we should send payment to

Ordered! Will send a PM to the group!


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Delivered today - if someone can open and distribute!



Cheers Andy, I plan to be in the space Thursday evening so can take a look

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btw I recently discovered that Polymaker is the OEM for bambulab for most filament and eSun for others