Arduino Day 2018 ! - 12th May

(Paul Court) #1

Hi Guys,

SLMS are partnering with the Arduino London Group and are again taking part in the global Arduino Day with a bunch of events and workshops (TBA, suggestions greatly received !).

Updated Address…
The combined event We will now be hosted at the London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, SE1 6SB

About Arduino Day
Arduino Day is a worldwide birthday celebration of the Arduino. It’s a 24 hour-long event – organized directly by the community, or by the Arduino founders – that brings people together to share their experiences and learn more about the open-source Electronic and prototyping platform.

Who Can Participate?
Any one ! - members and non-members are invited to take part and we will be running a few workshops and teach in sessions.

Officially the agenda is as follows but as per previous years, we will be doing a SLMS slant on the whole event and including ESP, Pi and whatever you feel is appropriate.

  • Open Day
  • Show and Tell
  • Workshop and live demo
  • Talk
  • Ask the Arduino Expert
  • Hackathon

As we go and as we get closer to the day, i’ll add more info to this thread but pencil it in your diary now.

Courty (and the @electrotechs)

(Marc Barto) #2

Hi Paul and all

Great that you are organising an Arduino Day again this year. We (the London Arduino group) have been contacted by quite a few people already and are planning an event as well. I wonder if it would make sense for our communities to join forces this year again?

Let us know if interested :slight_smile:

(unknowndomain) #3

That sounds like a great idea. I could probably get us some space at LCC if we wanted to have somewhere central and with more space.

(Andrea Campanella) #4

I’m in! :smiley:

(Marc Barto) #5

Thanks Tom, would be great to host it at LCC again! A bit easier to get to and more importantly this would allow us to bring more projects!

(unknowndomain) #6

Only if Makerspace agrees. Don’t want to upset folks.

(Marc Barto) #7

ok, so what are we thinking folks? Where should we host this party? It would be good to make a decision soon as this will impact who and how many people we will ask to exhibit projects etc.

(Paul Court) #8

Hi Marc,

Were just making some enquires in the background but I would be up for some kind of joint event / pooling of resource for sure.

Will give you a shout as soon as we can confirm what the possibilities are of a bigger event / show and we can then make announcements and call for contrib’s etc


(Anthony Elder) #9

Hi. I organised a North London Arduino Day a couple of years ago at a local pub and was wondering about doing another so if you like let me know and could help out with a bigger one?

(Paul Court) #10

Thanks Ant, looking good - just waiting for confirmation of the venue and costs etc but it looks to be a go’er


(Dermot Jones) #11

Giving this a hefty bump

It’s three weeks away…

@Courty @marc_barto?

@unknowndomain you were asking LCC?

(unknowndomain) #12

See telegram channel I’ve just invited you to for updates, but yes it’s all confirmed.

(Marc Barto) #13

Hi Dermot

Yes Tom just confirmed the venue a few days ago and the event is going ahead.
We have now announced the event on our meetup:

I reckon we need to widen the call for participants for the project showcase as lots of our regular members are going to the Festival of Making that takes place on the same day :disappointed_relieved:

Can we get an estimate of how many SLMS members are bringing projects?

(Paul Court) #14

Hi Guys,

I’ve just updated the top post in the thread with the new address etc - SLMS are partnering with the London Arduino Group (@marc_barto) for this years Arduino Day and we will be jointly hosting it at the London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle (thanks @unknowndomain !) .

Sorry @ant, not had a chance to catch up, are you guys in too ?

While its an Arduino themed event, we will be making it a general Maker event too. anything ESP / PIC / Pi / Remote Control or vaguely electronic / electromechanical is welcome too…

Happy to run some sessions / drop in’s if folk are interested. thoughts are for beginners an “Intro to Arduino” and for people who are already on the Arduino / microcontroller journey a “Conversion to / Getting started with the ESP8266” ?

Let me know your thoughts…


(Marc Barto) #15

Thanks Paul. It would be great to have some workshops indeed, intro to Arduino + ESP8266 sounds good.

Here is an update on the line-up of project confirmed on the showcase so far:

  • Upcycled toys using Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi robot kits
  • Fashion tech floral necklace
  • Tri/Quad copters
  • Micro:bit projects
  • An auto-ranging resistance meter
  • Art installation using touch sensors and conductive ink to trigger stories
  • Ohbot, an educational robot head
  • Robotic Tubular Bells installation

Hope to get more confirmed soon.


  • Does LCC need more details from us regarding H&S / risk assessment ? (@unknowndomain)
  • At lunchtime we might need to arrange a group order of sandwiches for the exhibitors.
  • Since the event is finishing quite early (3.30pm due to LCC requirements) I reckon we should aim to find a local cafe afterwards to thank participants / celebrate.

(Paul Court) #16

Looking good !
The venue is nice, went for a look yesterday, good spaces and lots of sockets !
Will chase our guys for some info online and on Thursday when we meet.

There’s a Pret next door ! im sure they would be OK for us to use them for food / drinks


(unknowndomain) #17

Yeah we should do a risk assessment, I’d just need to know more about the projects, but if they’re all low voltage electronics then we don’t need to worry so much.

(Marc Barto) #18

Great, I’ll gather the list of projects but for now all low voltage AFAIK.

Promotion: We should start promoting the event more actively. We have a meetup/eventbrite pages + our newsletter should go out shortly.
Do SLMS have a sign up page for events to get a sense of how many people are coming?

Also It would be great if LCC could also help get the word out to their students and network :slight_smile:

(unknowndomain) #19

Can you email me the graphics kit

(Paul Court) #20

link sent via telegram !