Arduino Day 2018 ! - 12th May

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(Marc Barto) #22

Hi everyone.

We’re less than 10 days away from the event and the sign ups are still quite low :disappointed_relieved:

Anything you can do to help get the word out about the event very much appreciated!

(Dermot Jones) #23

@members! Got anything to show and tell, or a workshop you want to tun for International Arduino Day, a week on Saturday?

Doesn’t have to be Arduino…but should have at least some level of microcontroller…if only a blinking LED
@platinumnqueen22 did you sign up already?

@Dani_Clode also said she might be interested

(Duck) #24

Alas, I am not in London that weekend, or would have been there for sure!

(Brian Cox (no relation )) #25

Hi put me down dear sir, ive booked the day off work , many thanks Brian

(unknowndomain) #26

You need to signup on the website.

(Marc Barto) #27

Hi everyone here is a list of projects to be showcased so far.

Btw would be good to have the confirmed list of workshops, I think @Courty you mentioned workshops on Arduino + ESP8266?


  • Arduino, Studuino and micro:bit robot projects and Chimera, a robotic tubular bells installation
  • Art installation using touch sensors and conductive ink to trigger stories
  • Fashion tech: Raspberry Pi Floral necklace
  • Educational robot kit
  • Instruments and interfaces combining music, engineering, electronics and coding for educational projects
  • Resistomatic: a micro:bit/Arduino simple auto-ranging resistance meter
  • Micro:bit Projects
  • Upcycled toys with Arduino
  • Arduino Flight Controllers (will not fly, just for display)
  • Ohbot, an educational robot head
  • Arduino, Esp8266 and Raspberry Pi Robots by Orionrobots -
  • Omniboard (microcontrollers)

Anyone up for a bit of Dalek electronic fiddling on Thursday evening
(Dermot Jones) #28

(Dermot Jones) #29

If you haven’t already then sign-up here unless @Courty or @marc_barto have already done it?

(Paul Court) #30

Right you lot - whos coming this Saturday ? we have a few of the normal Thursday crowd coming, any members coming for a look round too as a punter ?

Anyone who wants to exhibit, there is still spaces so please sign up ASAP


(RobertL) #31

Do we have to signup to be a ‘punter’?

(Paul Court) #32

Just turning up is fine ! :smile:


(RobertL) #33

Thanks for the prompt response and call me stupid but I still can’t see whether I need to sign up to attend the event. What happens if I just turn up?

(unknowndomain) #34

If they don’t let you in ask them to get me.

(Marc Barto) #35

Just an update on sign ups, we have over 130 registration between Meetup and Eventbrite.

I just had a chat with Paul we’re all good to go, should be a good day!

(Marc Barto) #36

Hi everyone

We had a great event yesterday, many thanks to Tom, Paul and everyone at SLMS for your help organising Arduino Day, this was lots of fun!

I quickly put together this recap of the day:

(Andrea Campanella) #37

@marc_barto ,
Thanks to you to organise such a wonderful event and to @unknowndomain to be there to help and make sure that everything was fine (and take care of the ones who manage to hurt themselves during the day ) and everyone who was there !

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(RobertL) #39

Yes a great day.

Very informative, inspiring and diverse. I’m super glad I went.

Many thanks to all who made it possible.

I’m happy to help with anything similar in future.

(Paul Court) #40

Its like being at school - we got a certificate !

Again - Many thanks to all involved