Anyone with shutter access going in today?

Friday 17th! Cheers Will

I will be down this evening hopefully around 6:30 but not this afternoon I’m afraid. If I can make it earlier, I’ll let you know.


I should be in at around 3pm

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Ok I’m on my way my ETA is 15:20

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Pop a booking in, otherwise no one knows how long you intend to stay…


Aha ok - thanks! Managed to get in just now so all’s well but will do that in future :+1:

The shutter holder needs to create the booking…

But if you want to use a particular area/machine it is good to add yourself on,. see here for details:


Hi Andy, I’m here today and the shutters are up but my tag won’t open the woodwork arch door. Doesn’t work for me or the person with shutter access… It says ‘Failed’. We can both access arch 1 no problem. Any ideas? Thanks!

Not sure if this helps?

Thanks! Can’t quite figure this out but hopefully someone will come who can!

Yeah that sounds like it may be an issue with the reader… its been a bit flakey…

Thanks Andy. I won’t attempt a reset myself in case I do something wrong but hopefully someone else can sort it :+1:

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