AED - Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator - Let's get one!

(Twm Davies) #21

Yeah, I’m a GP registrar at the moment - worked in ED , acute medicine, etc.
Being a doctor can be a bit odd when it comes to first aid as you are not routinely trained and to be a first aider would still have to do the same courses as the public.

For hospital we do advanced life support which covers in hospital cardiac arrest , manual defib etc. We’re a lot happier when we can stick needles in your artery and get an urgent portable xray, but it still revolves around CPR and defib.

Most of the cardiac arrest calls i’ve been to have not been cardiac arrest as the focus has shifted to ‘peri arrest’ so sounding the alarm when people are deteriorating rather than when their heart gives in.
But the genuine ones have been a mixed bag, lots of alcohol and drug related, many elderly who really were not going to survive CPR but a few young and old who we’ve got back into a decent rhythm onto a pace maker and they have done well.

(Twm Davies) #22

It wasn’t you on that 70s public information film climbing a pylon was it?

(joeatkin2) #23

I did that with a model airplane. …

But I have climbed a few pylons in my time, it’s just so easy, but that was for work

(Andrew Tidman) #24

having been traned to use one of these machines thay can save life it is well worth investing in one and getting
people trained to use it