3d Printing area Update: new printers and other bits

Evening All,

A quick general update for the 3D printing area.

We have NEW (To us) Printers!

We have a Prusa MK3s now up and running. (thank you @shawaj) To those who wish to use it, it is fairly similar to the ultimaker in terms of speed and compatible materials. PLA, PETG, and TPU only please.

Handbook for the printer is here:

We Have a Voron 2.4 350! (thank you @Hugo_Sharman-Firth!)

This is a really exciting one! This replaces the Qidi. This has a much larger 350mm x 350mm x 330 mm build volume for really big prints. @davidN and I are working on upgrades for this at the moment to get it printing nice and reliably and fast to boot. We will load this up with a large diameter nozzle to help the larger volume printing. This is still under maintenance and should not be used until further notice.

This may also require a second tier induction where we cover more advanced model slicing including for large nozzles, Advanced filaments including Nozzle swaps for the Bambu. Let us know what you think about this.

Next, We currently have 3 printers up for offer to members: the Qidi, the Flashforge and a small anycubic photon. All the funds raised from these sales will go towards the current pledge drive for a second Bambu X1 Carbon due to its high demand.

We are working on the dry cabinet for filaments and a materials shop for the area. This should allow us to offer the opportunity for a wider range of materials to be used at a reasonable price compared to buying full spools for personal use. The storage will not be storage for personal filament!

Finally we have a new enclosure planned for the resin side of things and a second printer to join the anycubic.

Please let us all know what you think of the updates to the areas, The more feedback we get the better. We are trying to focus the area towards reliable printing for everyone to use rather than experimental printers which are super niche or un-reliable. Any good suggestions to how we could possibly and fairly introduce over night printing would be great as well. We are not a print farm!, but we want to enable those large projects people want to do!

All the best and happy printing!

The 3D techs


Prusa has just published the mk3.5 update for the mk3s which brings the speed similar to more modern printers, it’s open source but needs some electronics

Amazing gets! I’m sure you have it well in hand but let me know if you want a hand with the Voron. I built a 350 a few months ago and have been printing on it daily since. I have some spare printed parts and electronics left over so if you find yourself missing something it might be worth asking.


That great, Thanks Tripp. It’s all up and running ok but we want to add some mods that up the reliability before it goes to general use. We’re planning to add a voron tap and a wiper. Possibly a can bus as well. PM us with any spares you have that you think might be useful and I’ll let you know if we need them.

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Great work @3dtechs!

I already wrote this on another post - but perhaps better placed here…

Sorry, not to be a wet blanket - but are there any thoughts on where these new machines will go? I was at the space yesterday to use the textile area and there was a 3D printer already on the textile cutting high table. There should not be 3D printers on that high table and adding more makes me think this will become a norm.

I don’t want to put a stop to any 3D printing but can we agree it stays in its own area please.