-17:00 Help! SUNDAY 16th April: Help wanted on for collecting Hackspace stuff! Pt.2 scroll to the bottom of thread

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This is a bit SOS!
We can collect the hackspace stuff on this sunday (19th) but: WE need manpower for loading an unloading AND a van to move the stuff.
Or the man with the tooling can arrange a man in van for 40quid an hour.

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Wish i were there to help! Im out of town until Monday unfortunately, best if we can get volunteers!

Any idea what time this is happening on Sunday? I’ll be down the space to help unload at least but if the timing is right I can come help the loading end as well.

Yes thats the plan, the problem is both Dario and Gilbert is out, so idk who could drive a zipvan

Its the other side of town so probably midday or afternoon depending on traffic, starting time and number of rounds.

The big issue is the van and its driver. Or shall we go with the man in van solution, and just unloading on our end? SMEE Andy suggested that we should take everything, and sell the stuff we can’t use and use the money to get what we actually need. That way for example we could turn the robot arm into a milling machine.

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What are we getting?

Where is it being picked up from? What are we getting? What timings do you have in mind?

Half of hackspace to keep the list short, we have to take it on sunday or it goes to the scrapyard @dmagliola posted photos of part the stuff,.

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I can help and hire a zipvan - depending on timings and location.

I’m out of the loop - is it this conversation - https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/t/free-tools-from-a-london-hackspace-member-may-be-useful/26190/19


Thanks @Gergo_Dala, @Martyn_Thomas!

It would be great to get some of these tools, and especially if it will end up in the tip, that’s just a waste…

My only concerns are:

  • How much will it cost us to get (man and van) hours? or if we zipvan it?
  • Hard to tell how much space we need for it, will the majority go into metalwork? If so I will let the @metaltechs sort through it and take on getting rid of unneeded stuff etc…
  • There is definitely some junk in there (old sink etc.) would be nice to be a little selective if we can…



We’ll bring all the useful stuff and leave the junk to the scrappy. The man in van would cost 40/hour, idk bout the zipvan. @Martyn_Thomas?


Zipvan is £15 an hour to hire (inc. fuel)

I can come sunday if necs. Is the plan to meet at slms?

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I can help out until about 2:30-3 as I’ve got someone coming to hopefully pick up the printer I’m working on at the moment so will need to be back at SLMS by then. Hopefully i can help on atleast one van run. I will be about afterwards in the afternoon for sorting stuff about the space. (though it might be a lot of’ What is this thing and where do it go?’) What time should we meet at SLMS?

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Sounds good! Especially if you can get enough member moving power!

Is this, this Sunday? I have a light goods vehicle but am not around but could do the following weekend if this falls through. Citroen Berlingo etc.

We start at 11am, @roryhutcheson we have to pick up a pillar drill from smee so your small van will be handy! @asander1 hopefully there will be a couple members in in good condition, or we gonna be tired😅

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Ok! Thanks all! I am back Monday, so can help with stuff next week!