You're invited to an art installation made at Makerspace!

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Hi all,

I’m about to open a public light installation work near Old Street that I made at the space 2019-2020!

I’d like to invite everyone to the opening event I’m holding next week (invite below). It would be really great if you dropped by!

If you can’t make the event, the installation itself runs from Jan 14 - Feb 13, so there’s plenty of time to catch it.


Simon the Last
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i once did some soldering on a bunch of led’s and soon realised how much of a painful tedius task it can be, so props to you for doing so much lol.


I hear you! Installing 3,800 LEDs in arrays of 4 or 5 nearly killed me… :dagger::drop_of_blood::point_left:

But at least they all run on 12v circuits - unlike the one I bought to tear-down for research… total death trap! :skull_and_crossbones:


Good luck with this – we’ve followed you on Insta now, let us know if there’s any social media to share

Thanks Dermot! I’d really appreciate any story reposts etc.

Also, there’s a whole host of imagery/creative/promo here.