Workshop Belt sander

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Anyone know if the belt sander can be fixed? Or any suggestions on where to get it fixed? I’m happy to do it I just don’t know where to go with it. Or if anyone has a replacement I could use for a few hours it would also be great!

Any suggestions @woodtechs

I’m not sure how easy it is to fix, an attempt could quite easily make it worse, not that there is much to lose!

The suspicion is that it had been dropped on it’s front end and thus no amount of playing with the tracking wheel will set it straight again.

Everything is breaking! Belt sander, mitre saw, 2 thicknessers :smile:

It’s a combination of wear ‘n’ tear, badly made equipment and potentially misuse.

Any idea if a place I could take it to get it repaired? I can get an estimate of cost and if it’s not huge I’ll cover it.

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Is it the desk mounted one or a handheld one?

Hi Jonathan, it’s the handheld one, it can’t seem to grip the belt tight enough so when the belt makes contact with anything out just stops,. Nice safety feature! Sadly makes it a bit useless

I may have a belt sander to donate to the space lying in my shed, will have a dig and update the post when I know more…

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