Workshop access today

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Hi there!

Anyone with shutter access planning to come to the space this afternoon?

Please let the little fishes know from what time :slight_smile:


The booking system says, that the space should be open between 1pm and 7pm.

Yes I understand but I was there at 1.40pm and it was all locked. I forgot to check for the green mark before heading there :sweat_smile: was wandering at what time it would be actually open.

I beg your pardon, it looks like that booking got a bit out of control. Maybe @sean forgot to update the time in the booking (and to add the host). Stuff happens. Hope, you didn’t have too long a journey.

Under “normal” circumstances, when there is a booking, the space is usually open.

Unfortunate! I’ve been here since about 10am, I didn’t make a booking because I’ve been in and out and wasn’t sure how long I’d be in for so I didn’t want to commit to a booking. I went off to buy some equipment and I was gone from 1pm to 2pm. @Sean is here now. He says he will be here until 7pm. So feel free to drop by!

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Do you know of Any one will be there after 7?

I’ll most likely be here until at least 8