Woodworking Virtual Meetup

@dermot suggested a @woodworkers virtual meetup after the success of the electronics one.

This could be a bit of a fun thing to do to keep ourselves interested and socialised, and have a bit of a nose at people’s home workshops.

So I’m suggesting tomorrow evening (Wednesday the 25th of March) at 7.30 we try a Google hangout and see how it goes.

I’m happy to do a quick tour of my woodworking space (spoiler alert, it’s the kitchen) and the Dutch tool chest I’ve been using for about six months now.

It would be really cool if we could get one more person to showcase their setup.

What do people think?

UPDATE! Click here for the Hangout: https://hangouts.google.com/call/fMzw6-QY3ls36Z9yfoHZAEEI

Yep could be up for that!!


Jontys gonna love this


Yes please! I am totally up for this :grinning:

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@stefanoromano ? You and Beth up for this?

I can’t showcase my ‘workshop’ (spoiler alert: its my basement / outside the kitchen door) as I just packed it all up in advance of building work which now isn’t happening.

Would like to join in once I’ve got the kids to bed though. I’ve got a couple of nice oak boards and looking for suggestions of a project I could do with them whilst the space is closed.

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I am interested

How exactly does it work. How do I get the right group on hangouts?

Right, with enough interest in this, I’ll set it up this evening.

https://hangouts.google.com/call/fMzw6-QY3ls36Z9yfoHZAEEI click this link for the hangout! - we’ll kick off properly with introductions at about quarter to eight.

Hangouts works in-browser (chrome, firefox etc.) on laptops or via an app on mobiles and tablets.

Click on the link, and it will take you to a page where you can enter your name and then join the hangout, and turn mic and cameras on in the usual way.

I’ve had pretty good experience over the last week with call quality, so we’ll have a crack at it.

Great success! Thank you to everyone who came, that was a really interesting evening and discussion.

I propose we make this a regular thing - certainly for the duration of the current situation. Wednesdays, with a soft start at 7.30?


I can probably make the next one

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This is on tonight from half seven! Look here - Virtual woodworking meetup