Woodshop (Un)Shut

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Due the the current situation in the woodshop with regards to if the fire alarm is currently working as it legally needs to be (see https://discourse.southlondonmakerspace.org/t/arch-2-extraction/29591/9) the woodshop needs to be close until we legally know if we are up to spec.

@moderators I feel this needs to be pinned and that is not something that I can do
@directors as we are not sure if we meet our legal obligation I believe the whole of arch 2 should be closed but that is not in my power

@woodworkers I understand your frustration at this decision I myself have my wedding on Saturday that I will no longer be able to finish projects for but we as @woodtechs cannot see a safe alternative.


Or the pipe needs to be removed, !

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Yea that would be what needs to happen.

I start work at 7 tomorrow and am helping a church.

If any of the people who put it up want to take it down I can turn the power back on


I haven’t looked at the code, but want to point out my legal gut tells me that having working fire alarms are a requirement for our space, not just because of human occupants but because it’s under a railway.

I know we legally need them. I presume we legally need them to work :stuck_out_tongue:



Love the semantic nuance. Afaik spaces like ours need a working alarm at all times regardless of whether they’re occupied, is that right?

Is it feasible to get the pipe taken down tomorrow (Monday)? How many people are needed (5?), how long would it take roughly?

Hi all,

@Destom thanks for flagging - although I don’t know if a fire alarm is a requirement as we just installed it last year after years of never having one, we should again err of the side of caution and remove the ducts until we figure out the best way to support both metal and wood in Arch 2.

The fire alarm also has had a loop fault since April which was never fixed - @lewisss, @joeatkin2 can you finish fixing this?

This is probably a 2 hour project with 4 members, so not a huge deal and will give us time to come together with a holistic extraction design that suits wood, metal and ceramics. I will coordinate with metal to get this done so that members can use the woodshop.


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I can come in tomorrow afternoon to help from about 12:00

Thanks Mark!

I will look at the alarm too , sorry I thought it was sorted

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Hi all,

Big thanks to @Kyle and @scythian for taking down the ducting, the woodshop is now back as it was, I will let the @woodtechs take a look first tomorrow AM, but I don’t see any reason it shouldn’t be opened again. The tablesaw extraction also pegs the flow meter.

I would like to take full responsibility for putting it there, I thought at the time that we might as well go ahead for storage and while we had a team present and because it seemed to fit the result of the calcs that call for a straight run and give us headroom for ceramics.

As Makers we often source out materials and save them from being scrapped, so we jumped on this opportunity. I deeply apologise for any ill will caused between @metaltechs and @woodtechs but want to remind everyone that we are all volunteers here that come and devote our free time to have fun and work on projects, so lets try to avoid blaming each other and instead work together constructively.



I went down this morning things look OK so I am opening the woodshop again


Is the table saw now working ok or is it still out of commission, or waiting for @mbg to assess?

The piping looks back to functional to me and flow looks good so I don’t have a problem with it being used. I didn’t have long this morning so didn’t test turning it on and running wood through but it should be good. If you need @mbg to finish your induction anyway it’s worth asking him to verify

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