Woodshop storage fair warning

The woodshop policy for storing wood is

  1. Only in the front of the woodshop
  2. include your name and date the wood will be used by
  3. no long term storage

Exceptions can be made by discussing with woodtechs

I am taking no long term storage to be one month.
Over the next few weeks I will start enforcing these rules.
From the 13th of May any wood that has no name in the storage area will become communal
from the 20th of May any wood in the storage area without a name and without a date of 1 month or less (and an expired date) will become communal
from the 27th of May any wood that is not in the storage area unless drying with a date for when it will become storage will become communal

If you have an exception from a woodtech to this rule for storage area or amount of time your label Must include the woodtech who has given you the exception

@woodtechs if people start asking for exceptions this is why

If your wood is in the below picture and does not have correct details it is at risk


@woodworkers Just a reminder I cannot chase for this weeks deadline as there is no name on it

Might be worth a photo or two of the offending items in lieu of chasing.

That way when someone attached to it wakes up in 4 months time asking after it we can point back and say, you mean this wood you were chased repeatedly over clearly visible in the photos…?

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I can send a photo of the stack but I’m not doing each piece also the rule has always been have a name on it

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And this is all I was suggesting :slight_smile:

Its a good Idea I’m adding one now. Just needed to get to the space to take a photo :slight_smile:

I’ll be in tonight, happy to help if you’d like?

I got one this morning this should all be good.
I don’t know if the basic woodshop group in discourse lines up with the security group for tool control. I don’t think they do. If they don’t I don’t think I’ve notified everyone who needs to be aware

They do not. Process was for inductors to add folks to the Discourse group but after some analysis, I’ve come up with 199 people missing from the group.


I was never told this was part of the process, no idea when we stopped doing this. I guess this is one of those system things that won’t be syncable automatically?

I have written some code to sync changes to Wordpress tool groups from Discourse but we’re waiting until we get that system migrated over to put it in place. Once that has happened, inductors will just add folks to the Discourse group and the rest will happen automatically. We’ll have logging for free too. There will be a big sync across all the groups as part of the switch over.


I happened to be scrolling discourse so saw this but didn’t get a notification based on the ‘woodworker’ tag. If there is a way to ensure folks get notified before they lose their wood I’m sure it’d be appreciated.

Probably because your account does not have the ‘woodworker’ tag… if it should you might need to nugde someone :slight_smile:

This was my point exactly… I use the space exclusively for woodwork, have done the basic induction along with various other woodworking tool inductions, am on other waitlists etc, but do not have the tag so I’m assuming others are like me and may not get this notification and lose out as a result. Sounds like @Kyle may be on this already with the 199 he mentioned?

You have names on wood with no dates. Just making sure you see this

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be around the shop after the 24th and I’ll sort mine out !

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll be in in the next week to sort this

I have passed on the result of my analysis via PM.

I have done in my ankle and won’t be able to get there for a little bit longer sorry, I promise I will get there and put dates on the wood/take some home as soon as I can

I have been in and put labels on all of my wood