Woodshop:Scrapheap challenge

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Our spare wood pile is starting to look impressive, to the point it’s a little hard to sort through properly. Before we have a clean through to make it manageable again I propose a challenge.

Make something using only what can be found in the pile. Unfortunately there will be no prizes, or even a real winner unless someone else comes up with a plan for that


I am cheating here I got a head start. I made a chessboard, only think I used that wasn’t from the space is a cloth to spread the danish oil


Hi Steve,

If you’re in the space before Thursday and those bits of wood that I stuffed in the box in the corner, nearest the door are still there could you maybe stash them somewhere so I can use for the induction on Thursday?

I used to have a stash in the other wood-shop locked in a cupboard, I probably should have put it in a box and labelled it… :roll_eyes:

That’s obviously if you’re there first, otherwise I’l have to just take my chances on Thursday…

Thanks, Steve

Great idea Steve. I tackled that pile few times, a clothes hanger is almost done.

I’ll dive in again soon

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