Woodshop left in a mess - no pictures as another member tidied it

Someone left the woodshop in quite a state today, with red sawdust all over the place, and possibly remnants of fibreglass?

This is not cool

Another member spent 1.5 hours clearing up this mess

Time to fess up and find a way to redress that balance…?

Not cool! We are chilled out, but there should be accountability…

The red sawdust and perspex was me, I got distracted and left.

I’ll accept this weeks ‘not cool’ award on the chin and I apologise, I should know better.

Although it was Jonty’s fault really! his cooking smelt so good I got hungry and had to make a dash for Ken’s chip shop before it closed on the way home. : )

Sorry and thank you to the cleaner-upper.

Here’s a picture for you @Dermot - of a very naughty boy! (with a full tummy)


Cool points though for fessing up though!

We’ve all done ‘forgot to clear up thing’…and you’re doing a huge amount for SLMS at the moment