Wooden lamp + lampshade

First project since joining the makerspace :upside_down_face:

Made a little lamp base out of some offcuts from a side table I made in the past - thanks Ryan for ripping it down on the bandsaw for me

Then bought some fabric and made a lampshade to go on top, quite happy with how it turned out considering it only cost about 7 quid. Just bought some fabric from liberty and wrapped it over a cheap white lampshade from Dunelm.


That is a very handsome lamp.


Really love the geometric design @Sean!!

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Thanks! Got me thinking I need to make some more lampshades - I’m so used to woodworking stuff taking ages so it’s nice to get something that looks nice with an hour’s work and a bit of glue

I would love to make a lamp, a set actually! My living quarters have very little amounts of Feng shuei…

That turned out great! Show us a picture of it in position!

Very nice, great work :slight_smile:

Awesome work it looks really good.