Wooden gameboard

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Hi Everyone,

I’m working on a patterned circular fold-able game board and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me cut one of my planks lengthwise in halves. I believe it would be quite straight forward (pun unintended) using the table saw for which I unfortunately have not had an induction yet. I’m planning to work on this project next weekend (5-6 March) but can also pop in after 17.00 during the week if anyone wants to help out :slight_smile:
My first fusion360 design:


After 8 months of inactivity I want to share some updates :sweat_smile:
With the help of Ryan and Steve I planed, cut and glued all the piece to their rough size. I also laser cut some templates and was hoping to use in combination with the router / router table to cut the pieces to their final shape.

Unfortunately I’m leaving London in a month and I don’t have the router induction yet. If there is anyone @woodtechs that would be able to help me out with the router I would greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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Hey Matt, I’ll be in on Thursday if you can make it sometime during the day? I have the basic induction in the evening so won’t be able to help then unfortunately.

Hi Ryan, I’ll be at work on Thursday till 17.00 which would mean I can be at the space at 18.00. But I can see if I can take of an hour early such that I can be at the space at 17.00. But I’m free on Saturday and on Sunday morning.

Some more updates

All the pieces have been cut into shape and the glueing has started.

So I’m keeping a close watch on the agenda for any after 17.00 slots this week :slight_smile:


Looking really good. I can stay at the space until 7 tomorrow night if that’ll help.