Wood workshop Induction

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Hi @woodtechs,

Would anybody be free for a wood workshop indiction this week?
I am doing a geometric painting piece and need some cutting , sanding and assembling



Count me keen too!

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There’s a:

“Basic woodwork foundation Induction 03/02/2020 at 6.30pm”

You’ll need to be an active paid up member and put your name on the list.

This is great - thank you!

Great! Thanx

Hi Babs,

I’ve linked your account to the membership system – very soon you should be able to see the members areas and get automatic notification of new induction sessions…and be able to add your name to waiting lists

Oh amazing, as I was wondering where I should find the list.
Great ! Thank you

How long until I become a member and am eligible for inductions?

Just a few more sleeps…

Hi there,

My direct debit is set up, I’ll be coming to the open evening on Wednesday…

How do I get my name on the list for the above mentioned course on 03/02/2020? I’ve been looking for an induction list to put my name on, but I can’t find anything!

Hi Toby! Your membership should go live on 24th Jan – after that you’ll be able to see members’ areas, sign up for waiting lists and get automatic notification when induction sessions are announced

Thanks Dermot, I wasn’t sure whether I could see the members area or not, still getting used to Discourse.

Look forward to meeting you and getting started!

Hi Dermot - I see the payment has been made from my account. When can I expect my membership to be updated?

I’m keen to get my name down on the woodwork induction asap to get started.

It’s updated now!

Brill, my names on the list now, thanks!

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