Who wants to be on TV?

Hi Makers!

We received this note from a TV producer:

We are currently casting for a new BBC series and are looking for aspiring inventors who have a brilliant idea but need some help in turning it into reality.

For those that we invite to participate in the series, the aspiring inventor will be invited to our workshop to work with a group of talented product designers and engineers, and may see their idea transform into a workable prototype.

Follow up directly if interested!


I actually sent them an email on the synth peripherals project I’m doing with a friend, nick and sabrina and they’d like to have a chat, although as the team apart for Sabrina is all over 50’s it prob wont come to anything, we not hip enough I think :smiley: . I highly recommend anyone else to just fire off an email to them, you never know what they are looking for! Remember to make it about your team and its personalities, not just the product :smiley:

Don’t think of it as being on TV but rather the access to the expertise as a process that could push your “creation” to the next level :slight_smile: