Who want to make some garden mulch? Shredding opportunities galore! This weekend

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We’ve removed a considerable quantity of plant matter that was engulfing the back of Arch 2

We’d rather not chuck this valuable organic resource in a skip, but currently it’s very bulky…

The solution? Put it though a garden shredder to make useful mulch (possibly for our own garden, or to give away)

I’ve left my electric shredder at the Space ready, and will give a safety induction to anyone who fancies an hour or so of mulch producing (the whole pile is several hours work, but it’s quite a nice job to do in satisfying bursts)

We have large bags to keep it all tidy afterwards

This task would suit members/volunteers not comfortable with a construction site environment, or who just have an hour or so spare here and there

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Hi Dermot,

I am available this weekend and would like to help out with th arch if there is work taking place this weekend.

Also happy to do the mulching as have used large mulchers in the past.



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Add your name to the first post on this thread…we start at 11 am!


The shredder is still at the Space - the pile of shreddable material is growing!

A nice job to spend an hour on here and there over the weekend, or to get a break from your project!

You need to wear eye protection, and gloves are recommended. Ear protection available, but not compulsory for short periods on this

Ask me for a quick (three minutes) induction…there’s currently no waitlist for this tool!