Who is interested in leather craft?

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I am interested in learning more about leather craft and making my own stuff from leather.

Are there any fellow leather workers here? It would be great to get a small group together and share knowledge and tips for suppliers and stuff.

so far I can think of
@father @MattGilmour @The1Harris Louis_Gianfrancesco

yeah i’m down to help if i can :smiley:

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I have a few leather plans (including making personalised leather stamps) , planning on going to JT Batchelor (a leather stockist in Dalston - any requests, shout) on Monday to get some leather for some projects (and get some leather tools for the Makers Space…as we don’t have any atm.)


Their website doesn’t have much, I’d suggest waiting on getting tools, just so we can discuss what we think it’s needed.

I mean feel free if you think they are good :D, just trying to get a discussion going before we start throwing money. :smiley:


Thier website is rubbish - but the store is proper old school tannery, highly recommend a visit.

I may have broken most of my leather tools making a bit of costume (don’t ask) so need to re-tool…i’m planning on leaving them in the Leather drawer for people to use (only the basics like basic stamps/bevels, swival blade etc.)


Hi Martin! I am interested in going there as well. I have sent you a private message. :grinning:

@Camille and @Vinna expressed interest previously!


thanks! the more the merrier!

I’m planning on heading on Monday day-time if you’re around :slight_smile:

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Scream if you need help I made a couple sets of leather armours, boots, belts,quivers, etc back in the day


It was a lot of hair ago :rofl: :rofl:


inserts scream gif

It was wolin proof :laughing:

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Hello! I’v done a lot of laser engraving on leather, and also used laser to cut pieces and pre-piece holes. Happy to help if you have any questions about those :slight_smile:

I also found that charity shops can be a very good source of cheaper leather if your project can work with small pieces :slight_smile:


This sounds great! Maybe we could have a meet up for anyone interested in leatherwork for an exchange of idea.


I would be!

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I would be too, but complete noob…

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We all are - we can figure it all out together :slight_smile:


These dates still look free in the calendar. Just indicate and days you are available:-)

  • Tuesday, 29th of November
  • Friday, 2nd of December
  • Monday 5th of November

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@mbg @Ryanf :slight_smile: