Who gives a crap? White Paper debate

Recylced, 50% profits go to building toilets, no chemicals or dyes.

Should we go for it? They also offer a subscription service.


We do!

Not against it but the 5 box end up being £6 for 9 rolls and Roots and cycle in crystal palace market
Toilet paper (nine (9) rolls), recycled paper with compostable packaging- £4.55

*** where to store the 5 boxes is a question too

ps: I’ll check how many sheets per rolls there is from the roots and cycle one tonight to make sure the price comparison is accurate.


More about crap !!!


@petra oversees our environmentally responsible consumables

That sounds good, we can just build a pyramid from the excess in the meantime.

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Someone got lots of the blue handwash. I wouldn’t buy it tho. Just saying.

My friend has a non-organic zero waste shop nearby in Upper Norwood recreation ground

The Chevening Hub
Chevening Rd, London SE19 3TE

Non-organic so as not to directly compete with the existing zero waste shop. I think she’s being too nice :wink:

I’ll see how much her rolls are although she’ll probably say “get them at roots n cycles”

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That will save us a lot of research and Math

I’ve been buying ecoleaf


Making this thread public…doesn’t seem to contain any sensitive info?


Re: Who Gives A Crap toilet paper; Just thought I’d mention that the standard recycled paper tears quite easily, we had some in our office and we’ve since upgraded to premium so I’d say it’s worth going up to the premium or play bamboo versions unless you like using your hands for such things! We recently bought a box of “Play” which seems much stronger. It’s also great that they donate half their profit to building toilets etc and there is zero plastic apart from the tape around the big cardboard box!

My friend’s crystal palace zero waste shop has Ecoloeaf £2 for 4 rolls?

I can deliver if necessary?

That’s 44.5p per roll if you buy 120 rolls.

Heromarket.co.uk is 50p per roll in 4 roll pack

Roots n cycles is 50.5p per roll in 9 roll pack

I usuall buy it for 2.15 from east dulwich

£2 would support a local startup (1 month) who’s yet to break even

But Petra is already buying this from our regular supplier, along with all our eco cleaning products, who we’ve been using for quite some time now

The non-eco stuff that appears in the Space is from members either donating (loads of bars of soap) or topping up from local shops (current toilet paper)

SLMS is committed to low environmental impact – the washing liquid up containers are clearly marked to be kept for refill, as one example…but I’m certain there are many areas where we can find improvement

We welcome all suggestions, and would love interested members to form a sustainability group to keep up the momentum

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Fair enough.

What’s the supplier?

I’m happy to be involved in or potentially lead a sustainability group