White led strips source

Hi All, I’m looking for white led strips for a project at home. And was wondering if anyone got some source link maybe I got the usual Alieexpress/bangood and amazon

But any more info will be welcome

Have all a great day

Have used these guys in the past


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+1 for these chaps. They also do a good range alu-profiles for LEDs too.

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In the interests of efficiency, I would recommend constant-current types. These have 7 LEDs in series and operate from a 22-24V supply. You can easily modify a laptop power supply to produce a bit more than 22V if you like recycling such things. I have used several strips of these successfully. They arrive quite quickly - about a week. You can spend less if you don’t want/believe the CRI figure.

You can easily dim them with these, which operate at about 700Hz so produce no visible flicker.

TLC electrical wholesalers may be the best value for aluminium profiles if you can collect.

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At school I use kitronik, good quality https://www.kitronik.co.uk/c3556-white-flexible-led-strip-30-way.html,