Which point might the makerspace be back?


I was just wondering at which point might we consider getting the makerspace open? (E.g. if pubs open will the makerspace open?)

I left my guitar cabinet project in the space thinking this virus thing would blow over quickly but doesnt seem to be the case. If the lockdown eases at some point, can I collect it?

Likely far earlier than pubs and restaurants…but watching government guidance

New guidance due early next week

More evidence about how the virus is and isn’t transmitted is what’s really needed. Impossible to assess the risks properly without understanding the risks.

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Awaiting the ‘new guidance’, would it be appropriate to discuss the potential of a temporary system enabling limited numbers to use the space in limited ‘safe’ ways?

Eg. Booking system, maintain ‘safe distance’, not using the kitchen (bring your own drinks), ‘corona safe’ toilet use (eco-friendly products please), provide own PPE, door attachment(s) so they can be opened without hands (eg. elbows or feet), etc.

Probably hard to realize now as we are making the PPE in here… But good idea I reckon.

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Guidance at the moment is that we should be closed – doesn’t seem much leeway as a workshop aimed at personal projects

The justification for opening to make the PPE is doing work for COVID that can’t be done from home

Otherwise: yes, it will likely be very much as you describe

If the protocols provide safety for mask making in the space, follows they’d be safe for other forms of making too?

Yes, it’s the use that makes the difference right now

Fingers crossed on Sunday Boris will announce some lifting of restrictions.

A friend is a member of pottery centre in Tulse Hill. They’ve been operating on a 3 hr online booking system - single person in the space - with gap for transitions.

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One person at time (or co habiting people) doesn’t leave much scope for woodshop machines…but we’ll look at all suggestions

The government has been horrendously vague around what’s safe. The talk is still of 2m distancing and hand hygiene…after all this time you might expect more…especially with ridiculous hints at end to lockdown (everyone seems to think it’s a done deal)

To add to this: we’re going to need to look at a better booking system as the situation will take a long time to return to pre-COVID norms

@Courty @systems what’s needed for this?


There’s heaps you can do just with hand tools, its the best way to learn about working with wood.

Multitude of joints can be done by hand, glueing, assembly, finishes (oil, paint, stains, french polish), sanding.

Just having workbenches and a space to work is a blessing and a mental health boost - can we start with that and machine use can come whenever it does.


Sounds like a plan…we have enough in place to get at least some use going pretty quickly


3D printer seems low risk?

Despite the usual ambiguity, according to the BBC this morning:
It sounds like that, from Wednesday (13th May 2020), persons in England will be legally allowed to engage in outdoor activities with other persons, outside their immediate household, as long as they maintain social distancing and, where possible, avoid public transport.

If true, perhaps SLMS members could meet in the park?

If allowed, we might need to shout or use megaphones, depending on the numbers attending :rofl:

On a related note, they also demonstrated an idea I had for a ‘fandle’ (foot handle) to open doors without touching the handle.

Let’s wait for the details…but it sounds very much like one person from each household can meet one designated person at 2m social distancing…except for work, which will have its own rules based on different principles

Details in a 50 page document are due at 2pm.

There appears confusion about whether persons from multiple households can meet at the same time.

Rules on exercise are being relaxed.

Garden centres and golf courses will reopen.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have different rules.

The BBC seem fairly clear that, from this Wednesday, persons, in England, and from different households can meet up outside whilst observing 2m distance.

Which doesn’t include MS as it is an ‘inside’ thing.

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I was suggesting a meetup in the park might be possible. The park over the road from MS was actually on the news and looked fairly busy

The rules were clarified this evening by Boris:

1 person may meet 1 other person in a park or open space if they practice social distancing.

Effectively this has the mechanism of keeping R at or below 1 by virute of there only being 1 other person there to infect.