Where to source Fence Pairings (Slats)

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Hello fellow makers,

I feel I am going batty, maybe it’s the language barrier, maybe it’s the way things are here.

I am building a fence (The great Fence of Clapham) in my back garden next week (I hope) but I am at a loss where to source Fence Pailings in London, I have today found out that they are called Slats here (I am counting this as progress)

I am after the following
Palings (approx 100mm X 19mm)

  • 80 of 1.8m
  • 60 by 2.1m
    Sleepers (200mm x 50)
  • 4 by 2.4m
  • 3 by 1.5m (unless I can get a 3m)
    Railings (90 x 38 preferred), (no narrowed than (75 x 38))
  • 20 by 2.4
  • 4 by 3m

Every time I feel I’m getting close to finding what I need they only deliver to Edinburgh/York/Sheffield

Any help as to where I could source this lumber would be much appreciated

I haven’t looked specifically at your specs but most lumber suppliers have a fencing section. Here is an example

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Also check Selco. It’s not hard to get a trade card for them. They have treated timber etc. Is it feather edge fence boards you are after? (Slats) They have those too in various lengths.

Thanks for the links,

I’m looking for Slats, not feather board

Thanks for all the advice guys, the fence is taking shape


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