What's the deal with the big format printer?

(Andrea Campanella) #1

I heard the big printer have some problems with windows and not with linux, does anyone know more?

what’s the model btw?

(Dermot Jones) #2

@peter_hellyer has the low-down

The vinyl cutter is in need of a Windows way of working…if you fancy a challenge…

(Pete Hellyer) #3

Large format printer needs a new print head and probably new ink afaik. This might need to be a pledge drive.

(Andrea Campanella) #4

So, we have 2 massive objects in the clean room that can’t be used easily or are not working?

(Pete Hellyer) #5

I’m happy to remove the LFP if members wish it (and for that matter the vinyl cutter)

(Dermot Jones) #6

What’s wrong with the vinyl cutter?

Works in Linux, maybe Mac? Worth a try cat- ING it in Windows? Assuming the drivers exist - which isn’t a big assumption is it? There ends my knowledge of the subject…

(Pete Hellyer) #7

Nothing as far as I know.

If it will work on Linux, very likely it would work on mac. Probaly also would work through cygwin as well, but that is painful. IIRC though, the learning curve for making it work anywhere is steep.

That said, its more likely to have windows drivers than anything else…

(unknowndomain) #8

Instructions for using on Windows, Mac and Linux:

The USB driver issue mentioned was related to the USB to serial chip isn’t actually FTDI branded but WCN and at the time of writing there were issues with macOS drivers needing to be signed to be installed, this is now not an issue you may need to go to System Preferences > Privacy and allow the driver but it should work.

The Craft Robo should also still work using the Silhouette studio.

Neither integrate easily with Illustrator, the route to the Craft Robot is via DXF files.

(Andrea Campanella) #9

It’s the usb driver inside the printer?

(Andrea Campanella) #10

someone it’s giving away a plotter near to me :


Does it looks like in a better shape that the one we have?

(Pete Hellyer) #11

Nope. Ours does work fine, just needs new consumables. This they admit is not working.

(Andrea Campanella) #12

Can we have consumables? :yum:

(unknowndomain) #13

Also the Canon is a much newer model than that HP as I recall

(Dermot Jones) #14

It works well…unfortunately someone seemed to have ‘adjusted’ the rollers…and it was exerting uneven tension on the vinyl. So might need a bit of TLC there