Whats going on with the Large format printer ( IPF605 )

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I’m still quite new to the space but the IPF 605 keeps catching my eye every time i’m in.
I’ve had a little search on discourse, not to much luck and I asked someone the first time I was in and I was told it was out of ink and probably roll too.
I’m keen to do some printing and creative projects on it. I have experience with Epson LF printers but not cannon.
Is there an induction to it?
Would I need to go buy the ink and roll? or Is it more sort of a pay per print sort of deal?

Anyway I thought I would voice this as it’s a beast of a printer that I’m slightly itching to get at…

anyone ells interested?

It’s in good working order but it needs some ink. @peter_hellyer knows what to buy. We should get some!

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It is currently out of ink, and roll.

I keep meaning to order something. If someone could tell me what tanks are empty, I’ll order the bits and do the maintenance. I too have a bunch of things I’d like to do with it (hence why I bought it ;))

We never got around to deciding how it would be paid for, but I figure we’d just keep the tanks running, and have a basic roll in the space. If you want more exotic materials (canvas, or photo paper or what-not) then bring those along, but worth checking that they’re compatible first.

If it gets super expensive to run (i.e. there’s a0 sheets of the darkest black coming out continuously) we might need to review that.

I’m happy to show anyone that wants to, how to use it, load it and get the best out of it, but no specific induction required.

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It also needs to find a better home than it currently is in as well…

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Hey peter I’ll be in tomorrow.
I’m happy to check the tanks for you.
and give it a little wipe down as it’s a little dusty.
As for the running cost, lets be honest, they can get pretty pricey… I think 50p or £1 a LARGE print is not to bad especially considering a print that size anywhere else would be £20 plus minimum.

Excellent. Thanks! It was just photo-black last time I purposefully checked, but I have a vague memory that a couple more were empty when I was fiddling with it last week.

You’re right re: cost, I’d be happy if a contributions box appeared somewhere. In general we don’t provide consumables, and this is probably ought to be no exception. Id rather centrally provided the ink (with contributions) though, as swapping the tanks is problematic.

n.b. they’re about 45 quid per colour, 261 for the full set.


Also needed is a maintenance cartridge (Canon MC-16) for 47 quid.

Compatible rolls are here: http://www.totalimagingdirect.com/large-format-inkjet-paper-rolls.html

In general, LFP ink and consumables (ink particually) don’t have the same level of markup as consumer products, so not really worth avoiding the OEM products.

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This was a couple of weeks ago… ment to send it too you but got sidetracked!


I might just get a full set, will keep us happy for a while.

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ok given it a good dust down and it’s needing roll and the ink is the same as the image above


Any guestimaiton to eta on ink and paper?

I’ll try and order tonight or tomorrrow morning.

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Chould you let me know when it comes in?
I’ll come in and make a mini donation box to go with the printer
Would you suggest 50p a print or £1 a print for a3?

Does a fancy printer like this not have a ink estimator?

might do…
No luck googleing it tho

Ink now topped up and new roll of paper in the space


Hi @peter_hellyer id love to use the large format printer this weekend if possible, and of course, VERY happy to pay for prints too! I can have a google and download the relevant drivers to my mac before I come, would you be happy for me to just get cracking? I might look into buying a canvas for this - could be quite good for future use

Excellent! I’m yet to arrange an honesty box - will try and sort that this week. Yep, there’s no induction on this beast and the loading mechanism is super intrusive, but happy to show you the ropes sometime if needed.

Other media are very welcome. I’ve got a link to a supplier somewhere who have been helpful in the past.

One word of warning, the print heads need a deep clean, (using the driver) sooner rather than later. I’ve got a new maintainace cartridge in the :red_car: which might help there as well. The last set of prints I did had subtle banding that isn’t ideal. Hopefully a good clean will be sufficient as the heads are fairly new, but if not, that might be problematic…

Hi all! Does anyone know what size paper roll the printer can take? I am thinking of buying some special paper and wondering if it can only take 24" or if it can take narrower (cheaper) sizes like 13"? Many Thanks in advance!

From the manual:

So yes, 13" is fine :slight_smile: