Welding job

Hey Folks, I’m in need of some welding done, do we have anyone or any local recommendations?

I had hoped to get inducted ect, but that is looking long term, while I’d like this job done fairly fast.

It’s a square section steel tube in a weird shape that needs a middle section cutting out and the ends welded back together.

Fraser on the estate or I could jump on the mig in the space.

That would be great.

I have a pic of the part marked out here. Would using the mig to both cut and then weld be straightforward? Or am I getting sweaty with a hacksaw first? XD

Cut with hacksaw / grinder then mig.

Straight forward, few hour job maybe.

Are you volunteering?
I understand that travel to the space may pose an issue for many at the moment, so don’t feel bad if you need to say no.

I will see if any of my multitool blades are up to the cut, as that would be a headstart / time saver once at the space. Edit. they are, should be able to do the cuts at home, just leaving the welding

I can weld it up for you, often in Herne Hill

Awesome, I will deffo owe you a pint or three.

I should have the job ready later today, I’m just having to time work (noise) around housemates on video calls XD
Let me know when you are going to be around? Or should I drop it off in the snug?