Welcome to a new 3dtech

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Hi all members,

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Ara ( @recursion ) as new 3dtech. I met Ara during induction last week. She shown great interest in 3d printing and prior knowledge and experience. Her enthusiasm and passion for prop building draw my attention, by the time the induction was done, she volunteered to join the 3dtech so the rewards of my evening was multiplied.

I’m really excited by @recursion joining @3dtech , the future is brighter as we are likely to run more inductions on different days and more importantly run other activities involving 3D modelling for 3D printing workshop. She’ll surely let us know more herself soon.

So welcome her and feel free to ask us any questions.

Have all a great evening and I look forward to Tuesday’s induction.


Very glad to join the 3dtechs team! I hope I can do the task proper justice! I’m hoping to manage a few things in conjunction with Laurent:

  • Increasing the number of / days on which inductions can occur.
  • Some workshops dealing with Fusion 360 and CAD in general (bringing your ideas to life) style.
  • Some sessions where people can learn more about the intricacies of PLA as applied to 3D printing and the benefits and drawbacks of different materials.

If you’ve got other things that you’re interested in seeing or doing that relate to 3D printing, please feel free to suggest them here (or elsewhere)!


Great news, lots of interest for Fusion 360 workshop here!


What kind of things would you be interested in learning? I’m wondering whether I try and run a structured thing or a more free-form answer questions and fix problems style of workshop.

I have a couple of projects on the go, but i lack any basic 3d modelling training / experience.
Essentially, i’d like to be able to take a design and add to it, amend it a bit - nothing ground breaking.

I have a couple of stl files, which ive been told isn’t a great format to start from when editing.

Maybe a complete basics starter Fusion360 workshop so we’re all on the same page, followed by a Q&A for things people have started and got stuck on?

That definitely sounds like something I can do! I’ll have a think of what kind of things I could demo and how to approach teaching Fusion!

Just a thought but designing and printing a small electronic enclosure is a good candidate in my opinion.

  • It’s small but as enough complexity to cover a lot of the basics
  • Printing wise it will introduce you to wall thickness, part that fit into one another, tolerances, small holes constraint etc…

As food for thought have a look at those 4 video from Lars Christesen it’s an absolute must in terms of tutotrial and understanding the basis, the slow pace and repetition is where information stick in in. IMHO any absolute beginner should go through those 4 videos and than your workshop could expand on resolving blocker you face or particular technique.

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Thanks both, i’ll be doing some reading ahead of time.
Have next week off work, so may come and plant myself at the space and focus on getting a design moved forward as much as possible.

I will be around a few afternoons next week, so feel free to say hi if you spot me! Tuesday afternoon (22nd) is a definite.

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