Welcome new @lasertechs

(Tom Newsom) #1

@Tim is moving away from South London so will no longer be able to commit to any laser cutter maintenance or induction sessions. Myself and @peter_hellyer have our hands full enough with @directors’ business.

Therefore, we have taken on 4 new people for the @lasertechs role:

@nico.dejong.nz, @jonathanjo, @Jonathan and @naxxfish

We met up last Thursday and did all the maintenance jobs on the cutter: Cleaning all the optics and vents, checking the moving parts for wear, and aligning the mirrors. You should now find that the cuts are more vertical, and parts will be more accurate, with no distortion in the X or Y axis. We also tidied up and updated the #tools page.

Nico, Chris and the Jonathans will “buddy up” for their intitial induction sessions (wait till pete and I have sorted out exactly who’s attending our first though!)