We need to give the community more visibility!

We need to talk.

We need to give to Discord and Discourse more visibility, they are nowere to be found on our website and we need to build strong social connection before the big reopening. We need a QR code on the door to direct new comers to the website or discourse, we need to make sure people can find us and we are not doing it now.

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+1 for Andrea to print out QR codes and stick them on the doors

Also - is there a reason for discourse not being mentioned on the flyer?

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The flyer is very old, pre Discourse I think…but we had a LOT printed

It’s linked in the contact us/FAQs, but it used to be in the banner…can possibly go back in…

We need a new box for the flyers first, something water proof.

Yes please, the community should be at the center, not the edge.

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