We didn’t start the fire

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A bored take on Billy Joel:
Fire in Brixton, smoke’s a-mixin’, SE24 in dire condition,
Gather 'round, folks, it’s our mission, need some help, no hesitation!

Trash inferno, winds do churn, as our Makerspace, we yearn,
With creativity to burn, through this challenge, we will learn,
From the smoke, we’ll soon discern, a brighter day, it’s our concern,
Let’s unite and take our turn, for our maker dreams return!

Let’s clear the air, breathe in new grace, bring an end to this smoky chase,
From the ashes, we embrace, a stronger, brighter Makerspace!

If you haven’t heard, a rubbish centre near Loughborough junction has been on fire for going on 3 days. 100 firefighters were at one point fighting the blaze, and it keeps reigniting. The space is in the path of the pea soup smoky haze, which is now only intermittent.

Have we as a group considered standing room air filters for the space? There are very good purifiers with hepa filters available from £180, perhaps we can get one for the main room in Arch 1 (which sometimes/often has a strong acrid smell of welding fumes or burnt wood) and another for the textiles area (given 3d printer concerns?).

Are you saying the property will be for sale or am I seeing what I’m wanting to see in your poetry?

:smiley: I’m unaware of any property sales. : / Was riffing about the smoke from the garbage fire, and suggesting air filters for arch 1.

There are HEPA air purifiers in the snug we built as well as bought, the white one is kicking around, I put it to textiles. It needs new filters. I was planning on using the stainless steel HEPA massive filter with one of the hydroponic industrial fans for cleaning air in textile area so dibs for that room cause that needs it the most.


You can still see the smoke.


Cycled past it earlier. Appears likely it’s some idiots vape that caught fire in flammable rubbish according to the firefighters I asked.

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It was an unenviable choice today between keeping my windows shut and boiling myself, versus opening them and breathing burnt plastic fumes.

I’m hoping it’ll be all gone by tomorrow. It’s been ghastly.


Still burning now apparently.

If you have a respirator at home, might as well use it now.

Still on fire :fire::sob:

Is there one for metals?

Fire is still smoking, could be another day says London fire brigade.

If you’re affected, drop your MP a line, it’s disgraceful.

I feel for the Firies, they can’t really drop a Simpsons-esque dome over the site. And the site was grotesquely full of stuff; I remember walking past a month or so ago and the pile of what looked vaguely like washing machines was impressive and terrifying in equal parts.

I spoke to them today and apparently cause it’s smouldering so deeply all they can do is turn the big pile of stuff over and continue drowning it.


I’ve got a £700 blue air air purifier which I’m happy to donate to the space. I got it for my ex’s health needs but he never really used it. It’s not very large but it is heavy.

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I feel for the firefighters but I feel more for the thousands of residents who are being smoked night and day during a heatwave with burnt plastics and other noxious goodies, especially the many folks who are vulnerable. People are complaining of the smoke and smell as far as East Dulwich. I cycled a handful of minutes from the space to my house and my partner said my hair and clothing smelled like a bonfire. Car headlights were refracting like through a grey fog. It’s a mess.


Absolutely don’t disagree that it’s a complete mess and I feel for everyone suffering from it. I’m a heavy asthmatic and it’s running riot on my lungs.

If nothing else, it speaks to how these places shouldn’t stockpile heaps of random waste in what is effectively an inner suburb. It’s a transfer station, it should be fairly swiftly transferred out. A pile that smoulders for 3-4 days is evidently way too unkempt for its location.

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Not speaking on behalf of the space but thanks Maz, that would be amazing.
@electrotechs would this be something you’d be interested in? Realistically an air purifier in the common area would have to be installed somewhere on your half of the room to be effective.

I’m always up for an air purifier but It’s not up to us, we have a carbon filter fan for soldering.

also, as someone said, we built sone serius filtering towers during lockdown…