Waterproof extension lead for EV charging / camping

My fiancée and I recently went camping and wished that we had the electric hookup connector to blow up an airbed…

We’ve also stayed at airbnbs where the ev charging cable is just a tiny bit too short to charge over night from their power sockets.

There’s an online store that sell custom made cables for EV charging, considering the sustained current draw the equipment needs to be fairly robust.

Instead of buying something for camping, and something for charging I decided to make something to do both!

The features I wanted it to have:

  • safe sustained 2kW throughput
  • RCD protected
  • Waterproof
  • Swappable plugs

The beauty is also that I can put another 10m cable in between the ends if I need to extend it further, plus if/when we go abroad I can just make up a tail with the correct plug for the countries we visit.

I would love to pat test it, purely out of curiosity rather than requirement so may reach out to some qualified testers to run through it with me at some point.



Challenge accepted! :blush:


Btw, I had to buy a pack of 10 glands. So if anyone has any use for 20mm glands. Please let me know… (@joeatkin2?)