Water heater not working, failed heating element

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old thread with water heater details

Howard and I had a look at why the hot water is cold.

240volts gets to the heating element push-on connectors. The element should
be about 20ohms, it measures a couple of hundred ohms with a varying reading.

It appears to me that changing the element would be quite a hassle. From a two minute
look, I think it involves more disassembly than you might expect. The heating element flange is on the inside of the tank.

If you want to try it then I suggest getting the flange gasket as well as the element.

It would be a hassle if it leaked after changing the element.

Howard thinks the cost of a new heater is low enough that it’s not worth messing with it.

Note that it can’t have a water cutoff valve fitted next to it, the water has the be able to expand back up the cold pipe, see link above for the instructions.

I don’t think with ever put of new sacrificial anode in it so it’s probably end of life and needs replacing I think there is an isolating valve at the end of the two and a half m pipe run

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