Washing machine motor to variable speed

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I came last week and discussed the possibilty of making a variable speed control for a waching machine with Marco, who suggested that in the first instance uing a TRIAC circuit ( I also talked to Joe who suggested a feedback ‘servo’ control circuit and this may ultimately be the way to go but I think ill start with the simple solution first and build from there) - so having now stripped the motor (and infact the entire wiring loom + electrical components) from an old washing machine I now have the specification of the motor (see the photo ) . Can Marco (or anyone else if you know about these things) suggest a ready made triac circuit I can attach to this in order to create a variable speed motor- or am I better off getting the individual components? alternavily if you point me in the right direction on how I can work this out for myself im always interested to learn…
My plan is to make a ‘shaker’ capable of going on a rail and operating up to around 110Hz (and so ill have a step down 2:1 gearing since the motor speed is 13000 rpm~ 220Hz) with an eccentric mass of around 1kg and a radius of eccentricity of around 1cm.

thanks alot


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All depends on the motor you have got and the budget.

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ok ill be down next thursday with the motor to hopefully discuss more - that photo was a plaque from the motor- but if there are better motors out there on other types of washing machine i can probably get hold of one- this was from a BUSH HW60 - 1460D washing machine that a mate was throwing away (fully functioning but wife wanted a new one). here is the motor before it was taken out:

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Here’s an interesting link


Is that an AC generator on the back?

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There will be a speed controler in the washing machine bord

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There is a vearack in the back it will do
its a dc motor , easy to control

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That article seemed to imply that most washing machines motors are DC these days but the plate seems to indicate 230v AC…?

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DC motors are happy running on ac , as long as the iron is laminated, DC is type of motor, as found in most tools.

Life is never as simple as it seams

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thanks for the info- will be down next thursday, i have the entire loom with all components still conected so it should be possible to plug it in and put it through a wash cycle just to test its working (although i havnt tried) - btw notice that there may be quite a reasonable second hand value for these parts, someone is trying to sell a used one of these motors on ebay for £35 - and all the other components are being sold on there too, it wasnt eactly a major job to remove this stuff so it could be a nice way of making a bit of cash on the side…, see here:

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I slept through most of the Electical Engineering lectures at college. Wish I hadn’t sometimes…

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TDA1085C looks like like the easiest way if we cannot use the speed controler from the loom

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sorry i missed this till now or i could have ordered one and brought it along- ill order one for next time, but ill still be along tonight wit the stuff to discuss further

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That will save some time

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sorry i missed this at the time and now its auction is over- can you post up an equivalent and ill bid for it before it runs out
see you tonigh


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Sod it we will do 8t on verobord

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btw i traced the wires and they are in this picture