Wanted: Volunteer to assist with Lathe tool sharpening

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Sooooo, came in the other day to do an induction and found a couple of the wood turning tools in pretty poor condition. One was bad enough to cause a workpiece to jump out of the lathe. (A good learning experience on what can happen!).

But, to be honest, since I took on inducting turning, I’ve done little work for myself, so I’d like to have one (or more) persons to step up and ensure the lathe turning tools are kept sharp please.
Full training will be provided… but I’d like someone who can give a bit of a commitment, or two people who can arrange to sharpen between them…

Any takers?



Yes I would be very interested in this. I live locally and can commit - also I think it would be a really useful development for me with my knowledge as well.




Hi Gawain, Thanks for stepping up… I really appreciate your assistance and commitment.
This will assist me do more inductions; a great help as the list of those seeking induction seems to be getting longer, not shorter! Its a big morale boost too…
Please message me with some times we can meet. I have a few commitments, but am fairly flexible.

Hi there

I would be very interested, let me know if it’s a possibility



Hi Neil,
I am fairly familiar with sharpening the gouges. I cannot commit regulary to it but if there would be a date I could see what I’m up to and potentially lend a hand.

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Hi Petra, really glad to have you on board. There are a couple of other volunteers, so if you think your spreading yourself too thin, wot with all your laser cutting, I fully understand!
I’ll set a date in early New Year to get things going.

Beccaartist, if your trained in turning, and have been inducted then great… What position are you at?


No I’m not, maybe I’ve misunderstood your call out, where I thought you offered training for this?


Sorry Rebecca, but to do anything stall in the woodwork room, where the grinder is, the basic health and safety course has to be completed. Clix is doing almost weekly basic wood workshop inductions. Once you’ve completed that I shall fast track your wood turning
and tool sharpening.

Apologies for not making myself clear…


Hi Neil,
I’m happy to help with this too, or maybe be a reservist if you’ve already got a sufficient team. Either way I’d be keen to learn/understand how to maintain these tools so if possible would like to join or tag along on a training session if that would be possible?

Hi Ian, Thanks for offering. Im afraid I dont really have the bandwith as training to sharpen tools is a time consuming process (and Im still trying to get all L1 woodturning training complete!) .
Thanks for the offer though and will remember if we can get another job…
Can I suggest speaking to Clix or Jonty as they could do with some help in the main workshop?

Hi Neil,
Understood, no problem.

@Jonty_Bottomley, @clix - Neil already has volunteers for lathe tool sharpening, but I’m hoping to become a bit more regular at the space once we’re into the new year, so if there are any routine tasks I might be able to help with, let me know

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Has the grinder moved back into the woodspace? I recall it lived on the bench outside the woodspace - that was pretty cool - made it more accessible.

I’ll do more frequent sharpening to help out, I’m trained by Mark.

One question - do the parting tools end up hollowed out with grinding on the wheel?

I’ve not known it to be outside the woodworking space… thats where I was introduced to it…

Thanks Afshin. Im conscious you are doing so many other things too tho!
Tha parting off tool has a groove along the top, so once its sharpened a bur develops inside the grooove and this needs to be taken off, than the tool touched up and honed…

Sounds like the bench grinder in metalwork?

I thought the tormac (wet one not the metal bench grinder) - was at some point in the space now occupied by CNC - i.e just as you come out of wood workshop on that long tabley bit down from the laser cutter.

Hi, I foumd the roughing gouge with like 8 bewels on it…so I spend an hour getting it right, here’s a photo.


Thanks Petra, Doing sharpening with Gwain tonight too!

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