Volunteer Photographer needed for SLMS maker fair 2024

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We are again going to take part in the Dulwich Festival this year and are gearing up for yet another community driven event in May.

This year we would like to feature our makers and we need a product photographer urgently to take some pictures of the Amazing creative things that have been made at the MakerSpace - deadline for submitting these to the festival organisers is next week.

Can you help or know someone who I could reach out to for help?

What is the date/time/location exactly? Not sure I can find anything relevant for 2024 online with specifics.

I should be free to help with photography. Maybe @Theranis can also?

Ive booked the textile room for this Friday 4pm to midnight to have a bash at getting some good product photography done

I Might be able to pop by on friday. Have you got any particular style in mind? I can advise for a bit whilst I’m there

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I’m a total nuub at photography never mind product photography so no idea on style or anything.

If you can help with the setup and advising how we might go about doing this be amazing of you - train the trainer style! :smiley:

If we have 1-2 articulated lamps and some white paper we are most of the way there.

I have 2 LED photo lamps, a Boom, 1 tripod.
2 apple phones and a canon g9x

I saw a black role of fabric in the snug at some point that we could hang from the ceiling in the textile room. with a wood/rod holder…?

That should cover it. As long as I’m working from home, ill bring a bit of extra gear. Ill see if I can rummage out an old flash as well incase we need to flood the room.

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I’ll be down after work about 6pm good luck in the mean time