Visit from Denmark

Hallo everyone. I am writing from a school in Denmark Called Cosmosskolen. We have our residents in a town Called Esbjerg on the vest coast of Denmark. We are working on creating a maker space for the students of the schools in Esbjerg and are seeking som inspiration.

We are comming to the BETT conference next week and would like to come visit your maker space for an hour or so thursday the 23rd between 1pm and 2pm. Is there anyone willing to give us a tour and talk a little about your experiences?

Best Regards Peter Floor Kousgaard.
IT employee of Cosmosskolerne Esbjerg.

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There might be someone around, people are more likely to be about in the evening

Hey Peter,
I should be around then and can show you around for a bit, for sure!

Ah, actually I thought it’d be this week. Unfortunately I’m away on the week of the 23rd, but I’m sure there will be someone else that can show you around?

We are unfortunately only able to visit you guys that afternoon :confused:

It’s okay, we just can’t really bank on someone being around without having a schedualed plan :confused:

See my private message Peter; I can be there.

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