Vinyl Cutter I've never used it

hi, I’ll be in the space tomorrow (Mon) early afternoon. If anyone’s around that knows about the Vinyl Cutter that can have a quick chat to me about it, that’d be great. If not, never mind!!! :wave:t5:

If noone shows up, there’s a nice tutorial in the tools page!


I tried once and gave up. I still don’t get how it works with backing stuff and application film…

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The goal is to cut the corners cleanly through the base material but not the backing. You can dial in the pressure with the cutter interface. I would recommend the web ui over connecting directly. A few test cuts usually help.


I should be in so long as nothing pops up with work


I didn’t even know it had a web interface, I thought you had to do something weird with drivers to even connect to it.

Back in February I popped a pi zero of mine in there and wrote a web interface. Shout out to @ovf for the network config. The tool page explains how to use it via browser.