Vintage/Specialised Electronic Equipment Valuation

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I need to establish the value of around 30 pieces of specialised electronic equipment so was wondering if anybody with knowledge in this area could give me some pointers.

The items are part of an estate of somebody who has recently passed away and we need to get a value for adminsistration purposes.

The pieces may ultimately be donated to museums and such like where appropriate but I need to get some idea of monetary value regardless.

Might there be a one-stop shop so to speak who give me some ball park figures?

Here is full list of items:-

Sony Trintron monitor
Rohde & Schwarz signal generator SMS 302.4012.26
Philips logic analyzer – PM 3632
Tektronix 2445A oscilloscope
Steepletone radio
Tiny blue TV
Tiny grey TV
Telsey DMA123A digital modulation analyzer
Wayne Kerr video oscillator 022D
RS eprom eraser
Old radio sets x 2
Cyclone III video development kit (Bitec)
Spartan-3A FPGA starter kit (Xilinx)
Leap eprom writer
DDS signal generator/counter (KKMoon – FY6800)
Heathkit grid-dip-meter gd-1U
TEK DMM870 multimeter
Koss ESP6 electrostatic headphones
Avometer 8
CSI1802X –
KB radio
AVO signal generators x 2
Roberts radio set
Philips radio set

There are also some accompanying images if needed - []

Many thanks

@joeatkin2 you’ve probably come across some of this stuff? @Courty too?

Theres nothing I can see on there worth a lot of money. a few of the bigger items are about the £100 mark.

Best bet is to look them up on eBay (on a desktop PC) and note asking prices but then scroll down the left hand menu where it says “Show Only” and select “Sold Items”, this will give a view of what the items actually went for. the value is somewhere between the two !


Thanks Paul. That’s very helpful information.

I am acting on behalf of the executors of the estate and they just need to know that there is nothing there of significant value. I had a feeling there wasn’t but it’s very reassuring to get a more informed opinion.

Anyway I will check eBay as you say to get some idea of actual prices. The tip about getting an average value is very useful.


look like the kind of gearr found on gov auctions the avometer and eprom progeamer are of interest
you should contact rob burns at the crystal palace radio club

Thanks Mark. Very interesting and useful information. I will contact him.