UV glasses - where are they?

Does anyone know where the UV glasses are that were with the resin printer? Are there any others in the space that can be used if those are now missing?

On the shelf in the safety glasses box.

They weren’t there last time I looked. I’ll check when I get to the space. Thanks Sam.

The only glasses on the shelf are safety glasses. No glasses for UV light protection when using the UV torch. It’s the UV glasses I need to use.

@calin these are the ones that you got when you got the printer aren’t they? They are supposed to be uv glasses I believe but they definitely aren’t the right grade for the uv we are working with.

The info on the glassing packaging says ‘these glasses provide moderate protection against impact hazards…’. They definitely do not give UV protection as needed for using the UV torch.

They’re just safety goggles for the post processing, I didn’t think we’d need UV safety goggles at the time

We ought to have UV glasses to go with the UV torch that’s on the resin printer table. I thought there were some.

Not the comfiest option, but there’s always the welding masks if needed

Thanks for that Sean - done now - I used the cover from the wash and cure station as a stopgap.