Using the Planer/thicknesser

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(Johan Lindskog) #1

Hi! What’s the status on the thicknesser? My project could do with being 5mm thinner this week if at all possible as I have made a slight miscalculation.


(EdwardBilson) #2

Hi Johan,
The good news is that the motor has been fixed and successfully refitted!
The bad news is that currently any wood passing through the thicknesser jams against the outfeed pressure bar, so I wouldn’t recommend putting any wood through there.

You may have more luck with a regular plane, or the hand electric planer. Note that these require the basic wood workshop induction :slight_smile:

(Jack Derrick) #3

Is it possible to use the planer on top?

(EdwardBilson) #4

We’ve not tried it yet I believe - the knives need setting and the tables calibrating as they’re a bit off at the moment.

The small planer works, depending on your workpiece size?

(Jack Derrick) #5

its 2 sawn oak boards. c/45x190x2000. I don’t need to remove much material, just need to get them to a p240 finish.

(EdwardBilson) #6

I think you’ll probably struggle with the 190mm face, but I’ll check the size this weekend and let you know if it’s wide enough.

(Pete Hellyer) #7

do you have any ETA on when the thicknessing function might be active? Do we need to buy anyhting?