Using sanders

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I was just wondering if it’s possible to use some of the equipment in the woodworking space without needing an induction. Am on the waiting list, but in the meantime I could really do with being able to use a sander (orbital) for some wood I’m working with at home. Grateful if @woodtechs could advise.


Yeah if you’re in a hurry to do something it is possible if a woodtec is present we will find a way of you to get a little job done

@Francis_Paynter @joeatkin2 @woodtechs

I’m in the exact same position, I really really need access to the woodworking space just to do some sanding, I did post in the wood induction section ands was told no, we need to have had an induction to use the space as its a health and safety issue. I do wonder if a shorter induction covering health and safety and sanding might be a possible thing?

If it was possible to do a sanding induction happen, ill volunteer to do the Sanding induction subsequently too so that it dont fall on the existing members to also do this too on top of everything else, if they will have me :wink:

Creating and signing off a new induction is not a quick process I’m having a hectic week this week but we’ll be around on the weekend come talk to me all sorts something out

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@joeatkin2 thank you that would be amazing of you! You just saved me the day from hell :wink: was just about to start tacking plastic sheets on the top landing of my flat to try make a makeshift tent to sand in :X

What time be best on Sunday to come?

I’m also in the same boat with the sanders, I have very flexible working weeks so if any of the wood techs are able to help I’d be very grateful!

@joeatkin2 planning to come over this Sunday evening but checking first to make sure you are here?


will try but if not just use the sander

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Thank you for letting me have a go on the sanders, was fun using the orbital with air for the first time! Vs electric that I’m used to using :sweat_smile: