Using Laser Cutter on Delrin

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I’m scheming using the laser cutter to engrave/cut Delrin sheets to create Leather Stamps.

Do we know if the laser cutter would be able to engrave/cut Delrin?

@lasertechs can advise!

Trotec explicitly states that you can cut Delrin:

And here is a video of someone doing it on a Speedy 300!

Happy to Buddy with you to explore this, and then we can partner with the leather fans to run a workshop.


I’m sure I have tried delrin or acetal in the past and remember finding it tricky to get the settings right. I would get some extra material for testing. I will see if I can dig out my notes on the testing I did. :+1:


It’s an excellent material for laser cutting - much stronger and less brittle than acrylic - but as above it takes a little fiddling to get the settings right.

I look forward to lots of experimenting :slight_smile: