USB rechargeable LED backlight - Support needed

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Hi there!

I’m working on a small project that requires to backlight a small glass slide (4’’ x 3 1/4’’). Trying to build something like this.

My initial idea is to use LED strips on the back with an acrylic sheet to diffuse the light, but I’ve seen there are already backhlight built modules (not sure I’ll be able to find the right size or adapt one of those, though).

Also, I’d like it to be usb rechargeable, since it will be encapsulated in a frame/box and I’d like to avoid having to open it to replace batteries.

I’ve found this on youtube which is kind of what I’d need. It looks quite simple but I’ve never worked with LEDs and I’m quite lost on how to build it, mainly about what type of battery I’d need to power it… which I guess it’s something quite basic if you’re familiar with LEDs :sweat_smile:

Anyone around who could help me with it any time soon? Any guidance on this would be super appreciated :slight_smile: It’s for a birthday present and I need to complete it in the next 2 weeks.

Many thanks!


I’d keep it simple and use a rechargeable power bank. Design a case (laser cut?) that holds the power bank somewhere near the base so it acts as a weight to stabilise the whole thing.

EL ‘paper’ might be worth considering as you can cut it to whatever size you like and the whole thing would end up thinner. Probably not as energy efficient as LEDs though.

Thanks Rich!

Didn’t even know EL paper existed, looks quite cool! Have you ever used it? My concern is that it might not be lightful enough when used in a room with some others lights on. The idea is for it to be like a small lamp in the shape of a cube, so not really concerned with thinness either.

Do you think with warm white LEDs it might get brighter? Still pretty lost with all the different types of LEDs there are and how to power them without having to plug the whole thing. Been more than 3h diving into LED websites and getting more confused by the minute :wink:

Thinking of pop by the electronics night on Thursday to check whether anyone can give me a hand.



EL paper isn’t super bright in a daylit room. LEDs would be brighter, but I think you need to be careful about getting even illumination.

Have you considered repurposing an LCD screen backlight?