USB cable repair

Hey guys,

I’ve managed to damage a micro USB cable. The damage is in the middle of the cable, so the ends work fine. The cable is used to power a Furbo (pet webcam with treat dispenser). Despite the end being standard microUSB, the plastic just before the end is a strange shape, so replacing it with a normal micro USB hasn’t worked.

Would there be any issues with cutting out the damaged bit and soldering the cable back together? As far as I can see the cable is used for power only. No data transfer (that’s all wifi).

I can’t see any issues , but just wanted to check as I haven’t seen issues before with things and that hasn’t always been smart.



Yes this works fine, I’ve done it many times. When I do it I heatshrink the small wires and also use a larger diameter for the whole repair if that makes sense.
If it’s only power then should just be two wires needed, I think it’s red and black.

Good luck!

Thank you!

was if ok? if its that superfine gold thread you need plenty of heat and stagger the wires check mt soiv pillow made from 20 miniature earphoes and remember to put the heatshribk first++++

All sorted. There were only 2 wires when I cut it open so it turned out to be really simple. Its a shame they had to mould a funny shape around the end. Seems unnecessary. Thank you all for your advice