**Updated** Golden Ratio Inspired Jewelry Display

Hello, Unsure of the proper edicate on discourse for posting updates.
I have now pretty much finished my design for the stand and was Looking to come to the space to make cuts soon.

I still need to add additional pegs. Would very much appreciate critique or advice for ensuring the laser does as intended or that there aren’t any significant oversights. For example in the interest in being material efficient I believe the laser may run over the same spot twice. Will this be an issue ?


I don’t think it’s an issue you can run the laser multiple times over the same area.

this looks cool! So I guess them pegs to the right will slot through the holes you cut? How will it hold itself up? Or is it against the wall?

It looks cool man! Not sure I love the pegs going through the flower, it might disrupt the “flow” and when it’s full of jewlery it might look a bit messy, but maybe not!

This is a kind of prototype version. Was gonna wire some coat hangers through peg holes and hang it off a box on the table for now.
I’ll make a frame and the rest of it once I have a decent idea on where to get the materials and how to build such a thing.

The focus is mostly on the function… it’s very over engineered but the idea is that any piece of jewellery hanging straight down will never bash into another peg in theory.

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What kind of jewelry? Earrings are prolly fine but necklaces might require more depth no?

All sorts of things, bangles, earrings, broaches, bulky and fine necklaces, the works, a real hodge Podge . Do you mean the depth of groves in the pegs ? Customers like to try them on so they don’t need to be held super securely
Maybe some of the thicker ones there would be trouble tho.
I was thinking of making a different kind of peg for the bangles with a slot along it’s length . If you mean the vertical clearance for the pegs then in ‘theory’ with the thinner ones that is unlimited. But practically speaking the thicker ones may have a problem with this.

Should improve on the current setup regardless as they are usually just splayed on a table or jumbled up in a box.

No I’m saying there should be some pegs that don’t have anything underneath so the necklaces can hang

That’s all of them… If you look carefully none of them are in line. Weather that effect is significant enough to work is debatable. But that is the whole point with the golden ratio inspiration.

If you look I’ve taken a screenshot with the 10cm guidelines still on.

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I mean, print it to check! Only the real thing will tell us for sure! But to be clear, this is what I’m speaking about… the highlighted area: