Up and coming events

Hey guys, I’m going to jazz up the board and add all of the up and coming events and inductions. As I’m very new I’m still unsure of everything that’s going on myself.

Could I please ask everyone to message me with the events they’re running or things that are happening within the next couple of months.

I will get this done one afternoon in the week (towards the end so everyone has chance to get back to me)


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Hi! You found it!

The Events category in Discourse is the single source of truth for events. If it is not in here it is not happening, if there is a need to have an offline version then it should be a summary of this…


Hope that makes sense!

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Every other Tuesday is a textiles craft and art meet up, next one is tomorrow from 19 I think.

Then there’s every Thursday electronics night, sometimes it’s skipped, next one is scheduled.

Every second Wednesday is open evening as long as someone volunteers to host it, next one is in a couple of days from 19 or so.

9th April is another arch, alley and BBQ meet up from 11am for the day.


Thank you, Petra!

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Ahh okay, accidentally put myself in the right direction. I’m still trying to figure discourse out.

Thanks Andy