Uniform lengths of hollow bamboo rod

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I am looking to create the above for a larger project I am working on.

I don’t want to go the whole hog of creating split cane blanks at this stage as fabulous as they would be! Rather I just want to take some standard bamboo lengths (from the garden) and make them as uniform as possible.

The dimensions would be 60cm long and 13cm diameter the whole length.

I imagine a plane and some sort of jig would be in order but am open to suggestions.

The lengths will need to be hollow the whole length but I imagine that’s not such a difficult proposition.


Did you intend to attach a picture?

Average width of these is about 15mm (at the smooth part obviously).

Ultimately I would like to make hollow split cane sections like this -


  • but for now a cruder result is fine i.e. just planing regular cane smooth and equal diameter the whole length